TaskRunner 4.0

It performs various tasks based on how you configure it
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Taskrunner is a multi-function application. It sits in your Windows SysTray and performs various tasks based on how you configure it. It includes several primary features:

- Task Scheduler: Schedule tasks to run at defined times. Includes built-in email/pop-up/sound notifications, so you can be notified when the task completes or fails. Tasks include:
- Run an Executable or Open a File
- Backup files locally or to an FTP server
- Delete files locally or on an FTP server
- Download files from a website or an FTP server
- Perform System Cleanup
- Reminder Notifications
- Send an Email
- Ping an IP
- Log Off/Stand By/Restart/Shutdown your PC
- Monitor a Local or Remote Process or Service

- FTP Browser: Connect to and browse FTP sites. Upload/download files (and more).

- Docking Toolbar: Side-docking, auto-hiding toolbar you can add shortcuts to for any file or application so you can quickly open them at any time.

- Email Monitor: Checks your POP/IMAP/Gmail/Hotmail accounts and lets you know when you have new messages.

- Web Search: Search tool that allows you to search various search engines all in one place.

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